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Power and Mechanical

Electrical Engineering

VEC is leading Electrical Engineering Design Company providing a comprehensive Electrical designs & Schematic CAD Drawings to meet specific needs of the clients in various electrical projects.

Our team of Senior Electrical Engineer & CAD designer have wide-ranging experience and unambiguous understanding of HT & LT electrical designs & schematics, electrical plans, circuit layouts, wiring diagram and planning requirements for various electrical control circuits for our clients around the globe.

Our key Electrical Design services includes:

Electrical single line diagram & Load list preparation.

  • Determining the size of transformers, switchgears, Schematic drawings are used in determining sizes of generators, HV equipments, bus duct, and one-line diagrams for distribution systems.
  • Electrical panel schedules, which are integrated with the design and change as the design changes.
  • Electrical site plans, which provide you the services of experts with extensive experience, as well as low-costsolutions and 3D modeling.
  • Cable Tray layouts, Cable sizing and schedules.
  • 3D Model drawings for complete electrical system.
  • Layout Drawings of Panel Room, Site Electrical development,
  • Electrical, power and lighting plans, including lighting load estimations, Light Fixture Layout Designing.
  • Exterior & Interior Lighting & Lux level calculations.
  • Design of Emergency system design.
  • Design of Power distribution system.
  • Preparing Bill of Material for Electrical items
  • CCTV & Data communication design system.
  • Audio & Visual system design

We provide Electrical Engineering Design Services for:

  • Residential Homes/Buildings
  • Residential Outfits
  • Offices/Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Plants/Refineries/Power Stations
  • Commercial Spaces/Shopping Malls
  • Public Establishments
  • Communication systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

If you would like to know more about Electrical design and drafting services, please contact us.

Renewable Energy

VEC provide our clients with a wide range of consulting services including solar, wind, and hybrid power systems for small to MW-scale off-grid, isolated grid and grid-connected. Our service covers pre-feasibility and feasibility assessment of renewable energy designs using standard computer microgrid simulation software and offering optimal solutions based on the needs of our clients for power, heating, cooling and integrated solution. Our honest, close and responsive approach through a mutual and swift work with our clients and our continued support service has guaranteed our clients’ satisfaction to the end of their requests.

Renewable Energy: Solar and hybrid system design:

We make the feasibility study of solar and hybrid renewable power designs using computer simulation software and provide you with accurate and detailed technical and financial assessments of your project.

Wind energy:

We provide you designs and calculation for generating electrical energy in which you can use Wind energy and Turbines in order to reduce the cost. Additional your system will be adjust with EPA standard.


By using Carnot cycle as a main or axillary resource, we give you good services for your HVAC systems.

Energy Audit

Energy audits are undertaken to assess energy use and propose measures that might be taken to reduce consumption and costs. Energy audit services are a key part of Vernier Engineering consultancy’s dedicated energy efficiency services and the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy.

An energy audit might be undertaken for a single building, several buildings, a site or an organisation, and might be carried out for commercial or domestic clients.

An energy audit might provide:

  • An assessment of energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • A comparison with previous audits.
  • Benchmarking against similar buildings.
  • Assessment in relation to corporate energy targets or policies.
  • A schedule of energy savings that could be made.
  • An Investment appraisal of proposed measures including pay-back periods.
  • An assessment of the difficulty of implementation.
  • Prioritization of measures.
  • Proposed changes to operations, staff behavior, communications, training and so on.
  • Potential suppliers.
  • Monitoring systems, timers, controls, sensors and other devices.
  • Typically, savings might be identified through assessment off


Vernier engineering consultancy provide services for mechanical designs & drafting services. We are passionate about creation of all types of mechanical designs, generating 3D CAD Models, 2D Mechanical CAD drafting & detailing designs, CAD simulations & analysis.

We deliver wide variety of Mechanical design services that include the following:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Heating Systems Designs
  • Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing & Sanitary
  • Water Parks, Swimming Pools & Water Displays
  • Fire Suppression & Life Safety
  • Waste Water Treatment